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Sorting & Grading

After more than 20 years in the second hand clothing industry, today Top Textiles counts on reliable suppliers of unsorted used clothing (so-called 100% original or credential) and gained significant experience in sorting, grading and export to international markets.

We source used clothes and used footwear from our UK cash4clothes shops. All raw materials are sorted by hand and graded in our sorting center. Goods are then distributed and packed depending on their type and quality. Every month more than 1000 tons of clothes are processed by our staff.

All collected clothes pass through our first and second stage sorting system. The primary sorting process separates items into several main categories which are later distributed into over 300 different articles at the secondary stage of sorting where they are also graded into 4 different qualities. Afterward, the clothing is packed and prepared in order to be shipped.

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Grading Process

Top Textiles has extensive experience in importing, sorting and exporting second hand clothing, a wide network of trustworthy suppliers and an established system of quality control in grading the used garments.

At the companies sorting centre in Birmingham West Midlands, our experienced graders sort every single piece of clothing, assessing it on the basis of a number of criteria's.  rich diversity of Extra Quality (New original clothing),  A grade, AA grade and B grade products. C grade gets cut into rag for pressings and bagging into 10 kilo sacks. We specialize in the grading, processing and recycling of used clothing for more than 12 years. Our in-depth expertise in sorting and grading, and the consistent quality are all reasons as to why you should choose us as your trusted business partner.

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The objective of high-grade textile recycling at Top Textiles is to ideally reuse old clothing as wearable second hand goods, and to counteract the overexploitation of nature and resources. We guarantee this for our partners and customers of many years in our modern sorting facility with highly motivated employees. We are a company distinguished by "Fair Trade  Our business supplies top quality goods to national and international trade only as well as to the company's own "West Midlands  shops " Worth The Weight which can be viewed on line